11/18/22Mark Peterson

we are seeing a trend of current owners and residents looking for new homes in the community (both from our clients and other agents buyers looking at our listings). These buyers are invested in our market, believe in our area, and are looking for an upgrade.

08/13/22Mark Peterson

Looking at a few months of market data with a few years of context - the answer is "no".

03/27/22 Patrick Carlise, Chief Market Analyst | San Francisco Bay Area

So far, the real estate markets appear largely unfazed by higher interest rates

03/22/22Mark Peterson

So far the luxury market appears largely unfazed by the economic and political volatility that has characterized the beginning of 2022.

10/11/21Mark Peterson

Looking at the past few years, we see similar new active listing numbers illustrating that there are actually a number of new homes coming on the market. The difference is how quickly buyers are purchasing them.

07/14/21Mark Peterson

Strong home sales continue across Carmel, Pebble Beach and the Monterey Peninsula. More than $1.5B has sold through the first six months of the year. Looking at sales across the entire Bay Area you can see that the median square footage size in our region is the largest.

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