Realtors Uncover Rare  $1.5M Ferrari in Garage

Realtors Uncover Rare $1.5M Ferrari in Garage

The story on the Ferrari is we had a client that inherited a home from his uncle.
Owned since 1973, unfortunately, our clients’ late uncle passed away this year. Bittersweet, as he inherited the home, he went to go evaluate for getting ready to sell.

In clearing the home to prepare for sale, there was an older car that was in the garage. It had a few pieces off, but the nameplate was recognizable as a Ferrari.

As Real Estate Agent, part of our role is having resources. In this case it bringing in one of our car experts, Andy Grundy.

He was able to come and move the car, diagnose its condition and take a path towards a sale that would bring the highest value.
Now it is available for sale here during car week.
Here is a of the Ferrari as found after pulling back the tarp covering it.
A photo after pushing out of the garage.
The Ferrari now up and running and ready for sale.

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