Astounding Increase in Market Activity

As illustrated below, the real estate markets of the greater Carmel-City of Monterey region and of Monterey County as a whole, have staged a very dramatic recovery in activity from the steep year-over-year declines of March and April. As measured by the monthly number of homes accepting offers, activity soared far above any point in the last 2+ years.
Our daily Compass dashboard and daily "Market Watch" keeps us updated on these trends and here is a 30 day look at market activity. There are 79 new listings with 125 selling and another 171 in escrow.
In fact, Monterey County in June experienced the biggest year-over-year increase in sales activity of any county in the Bay Area. It is fascinating to note that Bay Area county increases correlate quite closely with population density figures.
Luxury home sales activity soared as well. This has been a common dynamic around the Bay Area.

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